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Welcome to the new Project Approval Request (PAR) documention and process page.  This page has been developed to provide the campus community with a resource related to PAR preparation and process.

Coming out of the Capital Spending policy discussions that redesigned the Capital Approval process, Joanne DeStefano, Elmira Mangum, and Kyu Whang asked a group to review the current PAR template with the intention of capturing more meaningful and relevant information in the document. The goal was for the group report the findings and recommendations to Elmira Magnum, Joanne DeStefano, Kyu Whang and ultimately to CF&PC. Initial data needs were identified and included space planning, space accessibility and sources and uses of funds that were to be included in the PAR template.

On November 16, 2010, the Capital Funding and Priorities Committee (CF&PC) approved the recommendations that were brought forward to the group. These included an increase to the Project Approval Request (PAR) threshold from the current limit of $50,000 to a new threshold of $100,000. The increased threshold went into effect January 1, 2011. This change does not affect previously submitted or circulating PAR’s.

An enhanced PAR template was approved to address various University needs in the area of capital project accounting and reporting. This template should be used for all PAR’s submitted after January 1, 2011. Some changes in this template include:

  • Addition of a Project Master Record
  • Addition of information about whether or not the project is included in the approved capital plan
  • A significant change in the funding information and format
  • A section regarding space implications.
  • Deferred maintenance addressed by the project.
  • Addition of CPG approval.