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Billing Disputes Procedure


Purpose– Units/organizations who believe they have been incorrectly charged for services by a department within Facilities Services are encouraged to contact that department to resolve the problem informally.   The purpose of this document is to provide a formal Billing Dispute Procedure in the event the informal discussion does not resolve the problem.

Notice of Dispute– Organization that has been billed by Facilities Services (“Disputing Org.”)  may submit a Billing Dispute Notice within 6 months from the effective date of the billing but prior to the end of the fiscal year.  A dispute should not be based upon the lack of authority to request service.  The billing dispute notice should include, at a minimum, the following information if applicable:

·        Collector Number and date

·        Account Number charged, meter number, facility code

·        Amount in dispute

·        Amount not in dispute

·        Details of dispute

RejectionFacilities Services has the right to reject a Billing Dispute Notice, without further obligation, if:

·        The Notice is not received by Facilities Services within 6 months of billing date, or

·        The basis of the dispute is that service was not properly authorized.

Response– Facilities Services will respond to Notice of Billing Dispute within 10 business days of receipt of Billing Dispute Notice. If resolution is determined to take longer than 10 days the department will be notified and an appropriate schedule identified.

Review of Response– Disputing Org. must notify Facilities Services of request to Review Response within 30 days of receipt of Response.

·        Review of Response will be undertaken by Management Committee, comprised of Business Operations Manager, Finance Manager, and representative from service organization (all from Facilities Services), and Account Manager (from Disputing Org.).

·        Management Committee must meet within 10 days of receiving request.

·        Agreement of Management Committee must be unanimous and will be binding and final on both parties

Final ReviewDisputing Org. must notify Facilities Services of request to seek Final Review if Management Committee is unable to reach unanimous agreement.

·        Final Review Committee will be comprised of one representative each from Facilities Services and Disputing Org. plus one other, independent person, as agreed to by the parties.

·        Agreement of Final Review Committee will be based upon majority vote.

For disputes with a value of greater than $25k:  If there is not unanimous agreement with the outcome of a dispute, the issue will be presented to the respective leaders of the organizations (Directors or Senior Directors) who have the dispute.  If the matter still cannot be resolved it shall be brought to the respective vice presidents or dean who will resolve the issue.