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Vehicle Purchase Procedure

Within the division an approval process has been developed for vehicle purchases.  The attached Vehicle Acquisition Request Form was developed to help guide FS staff through this process.  

A vehicle is defined as having all of the following:

  • Wheels
  • An engine
  • Requires NYS Registration
  • Can be driven on the road

If your vehicle does not fit the description above you are not required to complete this procedure.

The key components of the new procedure are:

  • Describing the purchase request
  • Business Purpose of the vehicle acquisition must be described
  • Maximum Vehicle Costs (estimated) must be provided – please note, if the actual costs are more than this estimate you will need to start the process again.
  • Funding availability must be attested to (by Finance Manager)
  • Unplanned Replacements and New Acquisitions must be explained
  • Approvals are required from (and in this order):
    • Unit Director
    • Finance Manager
    • Senior Finance Officer
    • VP FS

Please contact your unit’s finance team with questions.

Download the form.