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PAR Submission Deadline Memo Excerpt from Vice President Kyu-Jung Whang to PAR Preparers:

All PARs must be submitted by the stated deadline each month in order for the project to be considered for committee approval. “Submitted” shall be defined as having a status of “In Development” within the EPAR system by 3PM on the stated date. Having a firm deadline for these submissions will better facilitate the creation of agendas, preparation of materials, and allow the due consideration of projects for these meetings. For reference, these deadlines are listed on the color calendar found on the FS Website.

Facilities Projects Approval Calendar


I ask that you please plan ahead and allow sufficient time for input to meet the deadlines as posted on the website. Should the rare need for an extension arise, please send an e-mail message requesting this extension to my Office of the Vice President for Facilities Services e-mail address ( briefly describing the situation and the justification for the exception. Exceptions to this rule will only be accepted if approved by me in writing.  Requests for an exception to the deadline must be submitted by the PAR submission deadline.

KyuJung Whang
Vice President for Facilities Services


Memo dated May 23, 2011

Revised   June 17, 2013