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REVISED "June 2014" STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE UPLOADED...changes include:

  • Updated Sources & Uses Table template

We have developed a guidance document for the PAR template that includes helpful tips of information that should be considered or that needs to be addressed as a PAR is prepared.  Preparers may also find the current year (FY16)  FY16 Capital Plan  a useful tool in PAR preparation. While the FY17 Capital Plan does not officially go into affect until July 1, 2016, it is included here for use in writing PARs.

It is strongly recommended that this document be read prior to preparing a PAR document.

The master Sources and Uses table is attached for information.



To lend clarity to the recent changes to the Fee Structure for Project Management, the attached "PAR Fee Calculator" spreadsheet was developed to assist in the calculation of fees and assessments in a uniform manner when preparing a Project Approval Request.  Please use this worksheet for all requests and submit, along with your PAR, to your ePAR representative for system entry. 

ePAR representatives should include this document with the .doc version of the PAR to the ePAR administrator when requesting approval for circulation.



Last updated:   February 25, 2016